My motto is, “I treat every project as if it is my own.”

Trending: riding the software development wave means I have to paddle a LOT! There are so many new frameworks and technologies coming out that I would have to watch tutorials twenty four hours a day to keep up. And even with the technologies I have worked with frequently such as Visual Studio, ASP.NET, JavaScript and all around general Web Development, I would feel that I am not doing the breadth of growth for these tools justice by claiming any expertise in them.

The best skill is the ability to learn new skills. I've said that for a long time.

Cardinal Solutions
Cardinal Solutions – Raymond James
  • ASP.NET Developer in Web UI and Services
  • Telerik MVC and Kendo AJAX UI Controls
  • Automated deployment with Genesis
  • Continuous Integration and Unit Testing with TFS
Cardinal Solutions – Quintiles

Quintiles HTA SharePoint SPA

  • ASP.NET front end development with jQuery & Bootstrap.
  • Views and Controllers set to interact with service layer(s) through Ninject.
  • Large scale data migration from SharePoint lists to SQL tables using Entity Framework.
  • Participate in daily SCRUM as a member of an Agile team.
Cardinal Solutions – Gojo

ASP.NET report generation

Cardinal Solutions – Quintiles

Quintiles HTA SharePoint SPA

  • Angular JS and jQuery programmer worked primarily with WebStorm and SourceTree.
  • Responsible for reviewing, analyzing and resolving defects in Angular JS SPA (Single Page Application).
  • Developing with oData lists of over 15,000 elements with and 200 columns including lookup tables.
  • Participate in daily SCRUM as a member of an Agile team.
Cardinal Solutions – Market6

Project – CM.Apps installation for Contract Review team

  • Developer responsible for programming in ASP.NET 4.5, C#, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS from within Visual Studio.
  • Created Views and Partials from the User Interface team’s HTML mock-ups.
  • Programmed Models, Controllers, Bundles and Routing for the MVC application
  • Worked with dependency injection software patterns (Ninject).
  • Created MOQ projects for unit testing.
  • Participated in daily SCRUM and bi-weekly Sprints as a member of an Agile team.
ASI, a division of AARP

SharePointLogoSharePoint architect

* Helped in the installation and configuration of a product called Corridor CM.Apps into the SharePoint 2010 farm.

* Coordinated the different teams involved in the project.

* Served as a liaison between the vendor and client in daily meetings.

* Programmed a Microsoft workflow in SharePoint Designer.

* Administrated SharePoint sites for a broad user base.

* Solved Support/Help Desk issues.

Emerson InSinkErator

SharePointLogoSharePoint Developer

* Served as a remote contractor with a development team to create several Web Parts for SharePoint including a “Where to Buy” page.

* Usage of Google Maps API in front end with JavaScript/JQuery and back end tools with a C# .DLL library.

* Programming of Web Part Deployment packages involving ASP User Controls using Visual Studio.

* LINQ to SQL Classes Database access library in Visual Studio.

* SQL Server 2008 Database design.

* Windows Console Applications to populate and verify database entries.

* Created SharePoint .WSP packages with PowerShell and Batch Command deployment scripts.

* Installed and configured a MOSS 2007 farm with Emerson Site Framework.

South Carolina Department of Revenue

SharePointLogoSharePoint/Project Server Administration and Development

* Met with the existing Users of a MOSS 2007 & Project Server 2003 application developed for the Department of Revenue by Microsoft.

* Researched, documented, analyzed and re-architected their SCITS system that creates, processes and stores tax related reports from the entire state of South Carolina.

* Worked with Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory to configure Users & Groups for use in the SharePoint farm.

* Planned updates and migrations for their SharePoint farm from 2007 to 2010.  Suggested short term and long term fixes to the existing problems.

* Created a Project Server 2010 farm with SharePoint 2010, Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 R2.

* Helped to architect a SharePoint based solution for combining Project Server with existing business applications.

* Created a Project Server 2010 API .DLL class library in Visual Studio C# for accessing Project Server data.

* Created several Web Parts for SharePoint in Visual Studio with C#.  These include Resource Management, Resource Action Item Reporting, Minutes Meeting Reporting and Action Item Creation, Automated Integration of Tasks and Items and Resource Tracking and Reporting.

WordPress and More

wpLogoCombined two WordPress templates from with some custom coding and plugins.

Custom ASP & Javascript code added to existing shopping cart package.

Joomla Joomla, Flash AS 2.0, Custom code added to Joomla Plugins

Joomla zen-cartLogoFlash AS 2.0 Class to randomly load 340+ photo slides. Joomla + Zen Cart solution.

JoomlaCustom Joomla adaptation to create a site where users can sign up and add different types of calendar events to have a place for all Northern California Anusara Yoga studios to have their events listed.

Took over this site from previous PHP/MySQL programmers. Learned the code and fixed some bugs.   Updated a large library of PHP code.

JoomlaJoomla site fit into existing template complete with Email List Management Software.

wpLogo zen-cartLogoMigrated ZZT out of their old server into (my favorite) and upgraded their store to Zen Cart.

zen-cartLogoStylish and organic Hawaiian clothing company.  ZenCart, PHP, MySQL, Template Adaptation

zen-cartLogoGreat custom made pens.  ZenCart, PHP, MySQL, Template Adaptation

wpLogoMoved site in Joomla and then WordPress, cleaned up a lot of structure and code and taught the Women of Tibet team how to use the new Joomla system.

JoomlaMigrated Dorman’s site into Joomla, updating the menu.

cmsms-logo Faith Hunter found me through the web and we have only met via phone and email. We were able to connect so that we redesigned her site completely, together. Her site is now a feature filled CMS Made Simple powered site where she can control the content, including managing photo galleries herself. We integrated it with her email list and created the Flash animated banner that loads frames of different sizes in smooth transitions. It was great to work with Faith and hopefully I’ll meet her in person sometime.

cmsms-logoSMBS is a yoga studio in Washington DC. Faith Hunter, a teacher there, asked me to move the site’s content from the existing site into the CMS Made Simple software so that she can control it from any internet connection. The site looks the same but now she has control over it and does not need to ask me to update it for her.

cmsms-logoBethany is a yoga teacher who wants control over her site herself so we installed CMSMS for her and updated her site with a happy design that breathes the life of her personality into her communications with her students.

wpLogoRick is a basketball teacher who wants to display information about his programs to his students and their parents and to allow for a place for users to leave feedback.

oscommerce-logo Ketut & Jerry own Ring of Fire Imports, a Balinese art store in Berkeley. They want to bring their products online so we created an OSCommerce solution with product catalog and a Flash menu that loads XML. They want to bring me to Bali and we have become good friends. I now own a beuatiful smiling Buddha from their store.

Chris is a great contractor with some really major projects that include modern energy and material efficient building techniques so it was a pleasure to create his site with him.

MivaMerchantLogo Shop Adele is a top notch fashion designer site and I was honored that they contacted me to help them add some custom code to their Miva Merchant store that loads images and creates a ‘Click here for larger image’ interface dependent on how many images exist on the server.

I edited the Flash Video Player that loads Flash Videos.

Updated her Flash slideshow banner on her home page. Also put in technology to display a special version of the homepage to iPhone users. I am a fan of her music and her devotion is exemplary.

I worked with a graphic designer, Airiel Mulvaney, and we created an easy to manage solution for an art gallery with hundreds of pictures. Instead of making hundreds of pages, we made a few smart PHP pages that read from XML files to handle displaying the art galleries.

oscommerce-logo About as simple of an OSCommerce online store as it gets. This is a new business, so we are starting simple with the possibility of expansion. I also designed the stickers.

Flash Banner Design : Sequoia Records is re-designing their site to boost their sales and bring people the music they want. They asked me to design a custom Flash Slideshow Banner with some navigation logic that will display graphics and text with a Previous, Pause and Next button. I used Flash Actionscript 2.0 with 2 classes I wrote in a very simple yet elegant solution. Since this is a recent showing of my programming I have the code available as sample code.

Solavie is a beauty products company that features products based upon the localization of the customer, different products for those who live near mountains, urban cities, deserts, oceans, etc. I fixed up some of their existing Flash menus, touched up their OSCommerce code, and I am now helping them manage their blog by adding videos using

cmsms-logoPam is an actor and director of video so for her site we installed CMSMS with support with embedded Quicktime vieos. Pam is a good friend, with a great dog named Maya, and the only person I met who lists composting as a hobby

cmsms-logoSylas is a body worker and healer who wants a simple site that allows clients to view his info and also book appointments online. Its CMSMS + a custom PHP-coded booking calendar interface. Sylas is also a martial arts master who never stops training, as much as he knows, there is always more.

MivaMerchantLogo For theYCatalog they wanted to have some custom code added to their Miva Merchant storefront that searches through an audio files folder on their server for files named with the same code as a product and then displays an user interface to play samples on the product display page.

wpLogo Birgitte is a super cool artist, model, actor, activist and community leader from NYC. We worked completely over the phone to update her site into a Content Management System (CMS) that allows her to manage her site. Also integrated a very cool flash photo gallery. I would like to meet Birgitte in person sometime, she truly is someone who can easily market ‘themselves’!

wpLogo zen-cartLogoComplete overhaul and upgrade of site to PHP template system and integration with SquirrelCart. Also coded some custom features for the store interface. Recently converted his whole site to CMS Made Simple. Dave is an amazing musician who heals and reveals through his love filled songs. Added custom ZenCart interface to assist in Dave’s music & retreat business.

zen-cartLogo A very fancy PHP/MySQL adaptation of ZenCart in order to display a custom formatted “restaraunt-menu” interface.

NamasteInteractiveLogo I integrated their email list subscription form into the NamasteInteractive email server API.

oscommerce-logo A sister site of, this site uses a custom OSCommerce solution of PHP/MySQL/CSS code to create a fun place to shop!

NamasteInteractiveLogo Updates of retreat content for Shiva Rea. This site is linked to Site maintenance includes custom PHP Calendar solution and PHP template system. Transferred her sites to MediaTemple hosting. Shiva is one of the best yoga teachers in the world!

I used PHP/MySQL with a CSS design to implement a complete e-commerce store, subscriber membership system and user database.

NamasteInteractiveLogo PHP/MySQL online store with custom design to handle retreat registration, down-payments and account balances.

wpLogo The current site features Flash animated banners and menus that load from XML files and a PHP content organizing system using 1 header and 1 footer file to control the site look & feel. We are adding an OSCommerce online store and video and audio recordings of yoga classes and music. I love YogaKula, I spend so much time there it’s almost my second home.

I worked as desk staff here with other duties including recording and mastering their audio CD series on Yoga Philosophy.

I created the Flash animated banners you see on the homepage using the Wipe Transition Effect Component and custom Actionscript 2.0 code.

NamasteInteractiveLogo I connected their site with the email list management suite using PHP.

I created a custom online store using PHP/MySQL and created a rustic look using Fireworks.

wpLogo Another site I designed & implemented using PHP/MySQL

wpLogo Artist Opie Snow who designed the site and then I made it animate with Flash Actionscript programming including an MP3 sample player and Flash->Paypal integration.

zen-cartLogo I coded the template using PHP with CSS to create an easily managable site.  Currently upgrading to a full E-commerce platform.

wpLogo Pablo is a good friend and this site is for his Yoga Classes on Hawaii.

PHP/MySQL solution using OSCommerce to handle retreat registration & payment.

Yahoo! Banner Ads

OgilvyOne is a world-wide advertising company.   I created banner ads to Yahoo!’s specifications in a team environment using Flash and Actionscript 2.0. — I would receive the banners from the Graphic Designer as a Photoshop PSD and then transform that into an animated Flash creation with exact specifications and active links.

MP34U is a great music resource. While there my duties were PHP Development.

As lead programmer on this site, my job was to pull data from several SQL Databases and XML/XSLT feeds and format it into XML using an admin tool that I wrote in ASP so that the Flash movie can dynamically create an incredible user experience.

This site called for an intensive ASP/SQL Server application solution in order to handle online polling of parents about their kids.

A technologically advanced website involving several different flash movies interacting with eachother and accessing a MySQL database through a PHP pages.

Sophisticated website that allows twins to submit their photos in a contest. My duties involved updating the photo gallery to handle different sorting orders using PHP and MySQL.

Designed and created an E-Commerce website using Dreamweaver, Flash, File Maker Pro and PhotoShop. Starting with Miva Merchant to handle the shopping cart, we upgraded to Yahoo Small Business software. Managing the entire operation myself, my duties included website updates & maintenance, processing orders, answering emails, inventory, accounting and purchasing.

I worked as the full-time desk staff here for 3 years.

My good friend Jen Healy’s massage website features an interface for her clients to book and pay for massages using PayPal. Also has a content management system for Jen to make changes to the site herself. Moved site into Joomla, adding custom Flash menus powered by the AutGen module.

U.C. Berkeley

We created the UCNexus web site project, to connect K-12, college and university teachers throughout California. Principal duties included page design (Visio), implementation (ASP/Visual Basic/SQL Server) and documentation. The site is set up for concurrent use by thousands of people in a secure environment bringing many valuable features to the user. We worked tightly in a team environment, meeting and sharing often so that we all knew what was being implemented. This project was never released due to a reversal of UC Administrative policy concerning the project.

Running With Scissors

Completed several projects in Visual C++ including: implementing the TAPI protocol for their Windows-based game library; an audio engine using the mp3 audio encryption format; level editor and frame – art processing application; and Web research on new technologies.


As manager of technology, my principal task was programming of a data-gathering web-spider. The spider is used by BridgePath to gather massive amounts of information from the internet. It was written in Visual C++ using CInternetSession. Also developed webpages and wrote “helper” applications to enhance overall operations.


I interned at Macromedia when they just setup their new offices in R, in their graphic effects programming department.

OSC – Digital Audio Workstation Software

Worked as a professional in-house debugger for OSC, which was later acquired by Macromedia. OSC developed “Deck”, a digital-audio workstation software.

Training and Education
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Training in C/C++ Object Oriented Programming, Sprite-Animation Based 2D Game Engines, Linear Algebra, 3D Graphics Engine Pipeline, Project Management, Team Leadership.  For Graduation, our Team programmed a Game for the SNES in Assembly language called, “O.C.O.W.A.” which was a 4 player Street Fighter clone.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

C/C++ Programming, Game Physics,  Component Based Design Game Engine, Project Management, 3D Rendering Techniques, Storyboarding and Game Design.  Microsoft Visual Studio, DirectX, FMod, Maya, PhotoShop and dedicated hard work.


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