Welcome to this page, home of the wizard  a.k.a. Jonathan Matthew Beck.  The purpose of this site is to showcase the professional web design that I have accomplished and collaborate with the other great talent and businesses out there.

I’ve been creating web sites and web applications since 1992 when I first hosted a direct-line modem BBS on my home computer.  In 1999 I got my first experience with ASP, Visual Basic and SQL Server.   Then I worked professionally as a Web Developer for 14 years. This covers  government server farms with 10,000 users to avante-garde Flash and PHP animation sites to updates for the local Mom and Pop business store.

I am a graduate of the DigiPen Institute of Technology’s RTIS program.  RTIS stands for Real Time Interactive Simulations Programming, more commonly known as video games.  I graduated in 1997 with an Associates Degree and then returned in 2010 to complete my training.  After spending another two years at DigiPen, which I absolutely loved, I was back where I started as a Junior in college.  At that point I decided to take what I had learned at DigiPen and combine my Web Development experience and become an ASP.NET Web Developer with a passion for open source technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, etc…and ASP.NET Core!

I am also very into SharePoint, which I consider to be the pinnacle of all ASP.NET applications.

You may visit my Resume Page for the most in depth list of my experience.

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